Firm Profile

HWA PARKING is more than parking planners and designers. HWA Parking helps people get to the places they want to go. Our focus on end users maximizes owner value by creating functionally efficient parking solutions. HWA PARKING provides analysis, planning, and design for new and renovated parking facilities. As a design firm with a sole emphasis on parking solutions, HWA Parking is afforded the opportunity to provide outstanding specialized services to our clients. Our expertise and involvement in the parking industry means our clients benefit from projects that are delivered efficiently, and correctly, the first time.

At HWA Parking, we understand parking is a means to an end. Whether people are headed to work, school, play, or pray, cars are the most common transportation used. The experts at HWA Parking understand all the nuances of facility type, location, operation, and access, and how they ultimately impact the parking solution. Regardless where they're going, parking is the first impression users get upon arriving at your facility. HWA Parking ensures every first impression is a good one.


We all know the saying – "if you want something done right, do it yourself." At HWA
Parking, this means Troy and Matt are hands on through every phase of your project. We are the guys who are accountable for your project, right down to the last redline and specification.